Silverton Fairy Doors

Do you believe in fairies?

Something magical is happening in Silverton, Oregon’s Garden City!

Reports are coming in from all around town that fairies have been seen living, working, playing and even holding fairy festivals in Silverton!

How can you see for yourself?

Legend has it that only those who believe in fairies can see the doors that lead to their world. Below we keep an updated list of fairy sightings and fairy doors, along with any details that shop keepers shared about their fairy’s activities and quirks, listed alphabetically by street name and address.  If you believe in fairies, you too can have a magical adventure in Silverton.  Take a peek…

Odd Fellows Games and Electronics, 218 E Main St, Silverton, Oregon

There are many types of fairy folk and Odd Fellows has Two.
Reno-Da-Star is a Brownie Tinkerer. He is very handy and is known to be one of the foremost knowledgeable fairies on the magic of Cell Phones, TVs, and Video Games. For him having fun is very serious business that requires hard work. It is his mission in life to make sure the employees at Odd Fellows Electronics are knowledgeable and helpful to all people young and old when they have questions about these tools of ultimate fun times.
Jasmine is a Pixie Story Teller. She is a renewed fairy poet, bard, and thespian that is her happiest when she is telling an exciting and funny story that bring joy to all. She finds Reno-Da-Star much much too serious and often loves to use her fairy magic to play jokes on Reno Da Star, which he doesn’t find funny at all. While their ways are different Jasmine and Reno-Da-Star know that end their goals are the same which is to bring joy and fun to all.

Holland Collision Service, 703 McClaine St, Silverton, Oregon

Collisiona is a young fairy who is very kind and caring, but she is also very clumsy. All the other fairies love her, because she is always bustling around and helping all of them. But as she hurries around she is always running into things. Yesterday, she ran into a ladybug flying through the air. The day before, she ran into a butterfly, and the day before that she ran into a robins nest.
Fortunately, Collisiona can fix almost anything. When she ran into Ella Ladybug, she took off one of her spots. So Collisiona took Ella Ladybug home and painted her spot back on, and buffed out the rest of her spots. Ella was so delighted! She looked better than before Collisiona hit her.
When Collisiona hit Bella Butterfly, she took off one of her antennas. Bella Butterfly told Collisiona it was ok and not to worry about it because her antenna was already crooked. Collisiona wanted to fix it anyway. So she built Bella Butterfly a new antenna and showed up at her house to replace it. Bella Butterfly was so happy she screamed with joy!
When she ran into Rosie Robin’s nest, she broke several branches. Fortunately, she didn’t hurt any of Rosie Robbin’s eggs but she was very worried about the safety of the eggs. The nest was very fragile. So when Collisiona brought back the sticks to rebuild the nest she reinforced it and made it much stronger, just in case someone else ran into the nest. Rosie Robin said she had been meaning to get the nest reinforced, but hadn’t had the time to do it since she had laid her eggs.
In case you haven’t already figured it out, Collisiona got her name because of all her collisions!!!

Bright Beginnings Child Development Center, 219 South Street, Silverton, Oregon

Quite a few fairies have been spotted at Bright Beginnings.  Report on their activities coming soon!

Stamen & Pistil, 206 S. Water St, Silverton Oregon

All the local fairies know that Stamen & Pistil is one of the best places to find fairy doors and accessories.  Just look at the beautiful home of their resident fairy!

Shayla Lynn: Jewelry and Gifts, 210 S. Water St, Silverton, Oregon

The fairies that live in Shayla Lynn’s shop often try to help her make jewelry by arranging different colored beads and metal pieces together. Stop by the historic Hartman Building and see some of their beautiful creations.


More updates coming soon